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Price List & Package Bundles

Ireland has one of the most ecologically diverse and stunning natural environments anywhere in the world. 

Experience it fully with a two night camp giving you time to truly reconnect with nature. 

With a fully customisable experience with everything from foraging to firelighting, food preparation to yoga on the shores of the water you'll go home truly refreshed and relaxed.

Canoe/ Kayak Hire

Explore Ireland's waterways with our ultimate paddling package. 

Enjoy two days of stunning paddling seeing Ireland as it should be seen.

Camp or get shuttled back to your hotel overnight.

Plot your route or let us pick a unique adventure out for you.

The ultimate luxury outdoors experience for all the family. 

Get picked up from the airport and head to your hotel to freshen up or head straight for the water where we will put in and paddle for the day to our overnight stop in state of the art lakeside chalets. 

Paddle from dawn to dusk or take it easy for a few hours and we can provide a full programme of activities for the kids. 

Leave all of the organising to us and let us take you from arrivals on a once in a lifetime adventure through Ireland's natural beauty.

Blue Bundle

Green Bundle

Gold Bundle

from £200pp

from £200pp

from £500pp

From the Water Activity Zone


2hr paddle (Recommended route: around the Island town of Enniskillen)

£20 single kayak, £30 canoe for 2 people and 2 children


3-4hr paddle (Recommended Route: Devenish Tower)

£30 single kayak, £40 canoe for 2 people and 2 children


½ day 

£30 single kayak, £50 Canoe


1 Day

£60 Single kayak, £80 Canoe

Longer hire is available by arrangement.

Bushcraft Camp

Paddle out to a beautiful lush Island of Adventure and learn skills that you can take with you anywhere in the world. 

Day Camps - Adult: £70

                       Child: £55

Overnight Camps - Adult: £120
                                 Child: £90



Paddle Tours

If you want to get the most out of your tour or if you'd just prefer to have someone along to keep you right then one of our friendly instructors will be happy to guide you. 

Instructors are available at £15/ hr on top of the price of the equipment above

Camping Hire

Choose your preferred method of camping and you can be on your way with all of the equipment you need, all you need with you is the right attitude and a sleeping bag.

Tents, Hammocks, Sleeping Mats, Dry Barrels, Tarps, Shelters Etc. 

Whatever way you want to camp, we have you covered from £40/night with a small deposit.

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